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The SquidRig includes two adjustable light poles that extend up to 3 ft. and can be adjusted vertically or horizontally.
A ball mount at the end of the poles can allow for adjusting the angle of LED lights up to 2.5 lbs.


Easily pivot the angle of the lights and microphone without ever having to leave the camera. This allows for adjustments to be made on-the-fly during an interview.

Posable Mic Arm

The SquidRig includes a posable mic arm that extends up to 4 ft. with a rubber holder for a standard shotgun microphone.

Video Title

Below are clips from interviews shot with the SquidRig by Beale Bagley Creations, LLC.
We interview folks yearly for the SC Chamber of Commerce, and developed the SquidRig to help our Creative Director shoot these interviews single-handed. He walks in with the rig under one arm and a camera bag on his shoulder. That's it. And as you can see, the quality of a simple, fast setup isn't compromised.  

SquidRig FAQ

You can absolutely shoot stand-up interviews with the SquidRig. Simply extend the tripod to the desired height and position the lights and mic as you would during a sit-down interview.

The Squidrig doesn't make use of a backlight. We recommend packing a third LED light for cases where a backlight is necessary. But honestly, we have found that in most cases (depending on the natural lighting available) shooting with only the SquidRig and 2 lights has worked out well for us (as seen in the example clips above where no backlights were used). 

The SquidRig will fit on any flat-based tripod with a 3/8"-16 thread. Included with the SquidRig is an adapter that screws onto the tripod base, then the SquidRig is placed on the adapter when the tripod head is attached (so the SquidRig is sandwiched between the adapter and the head). This insures that the brackets swing freely and that there is enough thread to attach the SquidRig securely.

The squidRig is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and only weighs around 4lbs. Installed on a small standard tripod, the combined weight is small enough to carry as-is under one arm in some situations.

Short answer is no. The SquidRig is designed to hold lightweight LED lights up to 2.5 lbs. each. Most LED lights are very lightweight and fall well under this limit. The lights that we use (also featured in the promotional video) each weigh a little over 1 pound with the battery.

Yes. Even without the weight of a camera on the tripod, the SquidRig has been thoroughly tested to be stable with the arms fully extended and using lights that do not exceed 2.5 lbs each.

A Place for Headphones

Convienently located behind the arms is a built-in hook for hanging headphones between sessions of a video interview. 

Compact Design

The SquidRig folds to a compact size small enough to be carried as is, or in a standard case with lights and audio equipment (everything needed for an interview).

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The SquidRig Basic

$179 with free shipping

The SquidRig Basic includes everything shown, and easily mounts to most flat-base tripods with a 3/8"-16 thread. Includes the main plate with rotating brackets, rear headphone hook and 3 extendable arms (2 light poles and 1 mic pole with a rubber mic holder). The light poles have a 5/8" stud with 1/4"-20 thread for mounting LED lights or light mounts. Also includes a tripod base adapter to ensure that the rotating brackets swivel freely above the tripod base.

SquidRig Basic with Lights

$249 with free shipping 

Includes the SquidRig Basic (described above) along with a set of 2 SAMTIAN dimmable 3200K/5500K 160 LED Video Lights, Orange Filters, Transparent Filters, 2 Swivel Ball Mounts, 2 NP-F550 Batteries and 1 Charger.  Lights are 6in x 4in. 

Recommended Accesories

While we somtimes offer bundled kits for sale on our website, we also recomment the following accessories that can be purchased from various vendors like Amazon, B&H Photo etc. Below are our current recommendations.

 Carrying Cases 
 Mic Windshields  

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